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a shot at getting elected as the next governor of texas. dylan byers, media critic for politico will be here to talk about "the washington post" purchase and michael, democratic strategist will take a look at the kentucky race and others. but first... >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> here's what's making news. america's children are slimming down. for the first time in decades, we can say our children are not getting fatter. a study from the cdc that examined the nation's preschoolers found in 18 states, the obesity rate is actually falling. that's the good news. the bad news is the obesity rate held steady in do states. some of the states, ten states overall were examined due to the way data is collected. but a lot of people are crediting michelle obama's let's move campaign for this good news. it certainly helps keep the weight off. >> bill: she's got to get some credit for that. and just raising awareness of the problem. >> absolutely. that's the good news. >> bill: a lot of republicans are beating up on her saying this is silly. no, this is a serious problem.
. >> bill: he has to be from texas. where is he from? >> i think he's from florida. >> he knows something about tanning. and he says that the affordable care act tax on tanning as part of a comprehensive package to pay for all of the benefits. there is a tax on some 2.5% or something. he says well, you know, boehner should really take this to the people. boehner who we all know loves to tan. >> bill: i was going to say if anybody is upset about this, it is john boehner. >> that he should argue that it is racist against white people. >> yeah, sure. because now they're going to have to pay a little extra for that orange glow. >> bill: others who are not caucasian don't have to pay. >> they're at a big advantage. >> bill: racist tax. >> i still love how president obama at one of the us who correspondents meeting said he and john bainer have a lot of things in common. they're both people of color. >> bill: it is a color not seen on the planet. >> not naturally occurring. >> bill: john boehner is the only member be of congress to have a tanning bed in his own office, right? >> i'm sure. actual
was pulled over in texas a couple of days ago for speeding. tmz on be tained dash cam footage where trayvon martin's killer informed the cop he had a load gun in his glove compartment. he spoke with the officer for a couple of minutes, got off with a warning and went off on his way. >> bill: i didn't see his lawyers having a big news conference talking about what a great guy he is. >> president obama set to appear on "the tonight show" next week for the fourth time. the white house says he'll be in burbank, california, tuesday to tape a sit-down with jay leno on nbc as part of his economic agenda tour. the president was last with leno in october. just a few days before the election. >> bill: i tell ya, leno, seems to be pulling them in. >> going out with a bang. >> bill: he is, indeed, going out with a bang. all right. it is not such a long trip. he doesn't have to go all the way to burbank. it would take him five minutes to get here from the white house with the motorcade, with the motorcycles and everything. ten minutes if you have to stop at the traffic lights. >> i don't think he stops
of attention lately, that is wendy davis in texas. >> yes. >> bill: what is she going to run for? >> she has said she's either going to run for re-election in her state senate seat, and keep in behind texas is so jerr gerrymandering post redistricting. wendy davis holds one of the only swing seats. there are two swing seats in all of texas, and she holds one of them. she's re-elected to a swing seat in a red state, that would be fabulous. she's going to run for re-election there or run for governor. the way she has energized the country is phenomenal. i got to see her speech in d.c. last week, and her personal story is just so compelling. young single mother, put herself through school. made it to harvard law. made it to elected office. this is a woman whose mother has a sixth grade education. she's very much in line for governor seat in texas. so i think she can speak to texans in a way that the republican party simply can't right now. there is so much enthusiasm around her. i want her to make the best decision for her. she's young. she has a bright future. she can done whatever she wants w
. or makes it any less shocking to me. andy is in fort worth, texas, what do you say? >> i think the overall story, it shows the effectiveness of the media's propaganda campaign to make people think a certain way and really it shows it is ineffective in certain parts of the country. and among certain hypocritical people as well. you know, now we hear that oprah winfrey suffered some sort of discrimination, details of which i'm sure we'll never hear over in switzerland of all places. so, you know, there have been more integration and togetherness among the races in the south than probably any other part of the country for the last 400 years. >> i hear you. but at the same time, i think the media did a pretty good job of beating up paula deen and yet -- she still comes out in this poll. ahead of martin luther king jr. appreciate it, andy. kathy is in -- in duluth, georgia. >> okay. >> bill: hello, kathy. >> caller: hello, how are you? >> bill: all right. >> caller: i'm calling to comment about the martin luther king and his family, if you lived in georgia and had to put up with his family who
it is better than nicotine. >> bill: bert is calling from irwin, texas. make it illegal? >> caller: no, because prohibition doesn't work. this is a person that has smoked heavily until 1980. i was smoking three and a half, four packs a day. i quit and have been since. but prohibition just like with drugs and everything else, doesn't work. >> bill: i think we've proved that. let me ask you this, worth, how much is a pack of cigarettes today? >> caller: $3.10, something like that. >> no. >> maybe per cigarette. >> they're anywhere from $6 to $10. >> bill: that's what i was thinking. bert, if you had that habit today, you couldn't afford it, right? >> caller: right. when i quit it was 40 cents a pack. >> bill: imagine if you were paying $30, $40 a day. >> like in new york, they probably have the highest cigarette prices in the nation. >> bill: here's christopher from new york to tell us about it. what do you say? >> caller: hi, bill. i think that you know, i used to be a smoker and i feel like the middle-agedded and older smokers probably wouldn't care if it was illegal because all of them want to
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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